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Somayagam in Kozhikode, Kerala India.Somayagam is conducted by Kasyapa Veda Research Foundation on 13th to 19th February, 2014 at Calicut. Perhaps, it is for the first time since centuries that a Somayaga is being conducted in Calicut.Yoga means to be fortunate enough to always get what one aspires for and keshma means to be able to retain and experience the good things that one already has. Somayaga at Calicut is your perfect chance to start 2014 with all spiritual health and wealth.

Somayaga.com is the online portal operated from Australia for promoting products and services of Somayaga conducted in India by Kashyapa Veda Research Foundation, Calicut, Kerala India (see their website at: http://hinduveda.org/). Somayaga.com is wholly Australian owned and operated by Somayaga. Somayaga is the registered business name of Web Network Pty Ltd, ABN: 62 322 125 957, trading at 3/34 Gosse Street, Kingston, ACT, Australia.

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Somayaga.com sells through online products and services offered by Kashyapa Veda Research Foundation.

  1. Books relating to Somayaga
  2. Personal Development books
  3. Hindu Devotional CD’s and Books

We can be contacted at 1800 731 320.

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Acharya MR Rajesh is a Rishi who has been to be guide in the task of re establishing the glory of the Vedas and develop a Vedic attitude and way of life in order to reap and spread prosperity.

The Acharya, who is the son of SubrahmanyanNamboothiri of PuthiyaIllam and KomalavalliAntharjanam of ChembakottIllam, often reminisces the fact that it is only sheer providence that enabled his entry into the vast and noble world of the Vedas


Man desires happiness and joy throughout his life and for the same he sets about creating circumstances of happiness in his external as well as internal world. It is under these instructions of the Yajamana of the Yagna that the Rithwiks (The priests who carry out the Yagna) go about starting the Yagna.


KVRF is an organization which twilights the hidden talents and true spirituality in a human being by conducting Vedic classes to all irrespective of age or gender. It also promote healthy living by adopting vegetarianism, conduct camps for students for understanding the true meaning and relevance of Brahmacharya(Celibacy), Shodashakriya seminars, Anna Dhanam (Giving food to needy), publishing invaluable collection of vedic literature in digitalized form and in hardcopy mode with more than 100 titles in Malayalam, Tamil and English.

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Support us by buying products from us and also through donations. The biggest support would be by participating online or through directly coming to Calicut and also by spreading the word around about Yagam.

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You can contact us through our contact us page, or by writing to:
28/2 Endeavour House Captain Cook Crescent, Manuka, ACT 2603, Australia
Ph: 1800 731 320