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K M Hilal, Reaping the first crop for Somayaga in Calicut on Sunday
While speaking at a seminar at Dubai Karama Center hall on the topic "The art of man making, Acharya M.R.Rajesh said that we all should find a new direction by attaining health, wealth and prosperity. Today Life Style Diseases are hunting down mankind. Heart and kidney problems are increasing rampantly in all. Todays lust for material things is the reason for the same.We all should wake up early and sleep early. But all are doing the opposite due to which we are succumbing to these diseases. Vedas asks all to speak and behave in a sweet and loving language. Vedas emphasise on a healthy body and mind. To create a new generation of healthy people, the knowledge hidden in the need to be unearthed and applied wisely. To lead a healthy life for 100 years and to make a mans life successful it is necessary to conduct YAGAS and YANJAS as prescribed in the Vedas. Arun Prabhakar explained the details of the upcoming Somayaga at calicut on this occasion.
Swagatha Sanga Yaga Raksha Samithi Meeting
Eminent writer Sree Madampu Kunjukuttan donated a cow and calf to the organizers of Somayagam to be held from 13th to 19th of February at Calicut. The auspicious event occurred at his home kadavalur in thrissur district at 11.30am on 21st Nov, Thursday. on the occasion KVRF kulapathi Acharya M.R Rajesh said that, the milk from the cow obtained as the first asset of the yaga will be the staple food of the yajamanan and yajamana patni of the yaga. As part of the yaga a vedic seminar and exhibition will also be organised, in which scholars from within and outside Kerala will participate. It is an event where Foresightedness, philosophical and scientific approach of the ancient Rishi's converge for the common good. For removing the selfishness among people and to bring prosperity in this world,yajnas are must. shree madampu kunjukuttan said that it was his long term desire to donate a cow to a yagam. He expressed his hope that kasyapashramam will take good care of the cow after the yaga. Ashramam representatives said that the somayagam will be conducted based on Agnishtoma method.
Somayaga Brochure Release at Guruvayoor
Acharya's speech at palakkad
Formation Of Idukki District Yagaraksha Samithi
Formation Of Kollam District Yagaraksha Samithi
Somayaga Counter At Dubai
Acharya Speech At Manjeri
Formation of Pathanamthitta District Yagaraksha Samithi
Somayagam English Brochure
Somayagam Malayalam Brochure
Formation Of Ernakulam District Yagaraksha Samithi
Formation Of Trivandrum District Yagaraksha Samithi
Formation Of Wayanad District Yagaraksha Samithi
Formation Of Malappuram District Yagareksha Samithi
Formation Of Thrissur District Yagareksha Samithi
Formation Of Kasaragod District Yagaraksha Samithi
Somayaga Press Meet At Kasyapasram
Organic Paddy Cultivation
Committee Formation
Ramesh Chennithala's Visit
 Mukhya Yaga Raksha Peeth
 Committee Office Inaugration
 Somayaga poster
Srimad Jagadguru Sri Sri Sankaracharya Thotakacharya Keshavananda Bharathi Sripadangalavaru (Edneer Swamiji)
M.D of Nirapara Rice inaugurating the seeding of vegetables at yagabhumi
Formation of Kannur District Yagaraksha Samithi
Somayagam Press Meet
Weeds were removed from the rice fields in Kozhinjampara, where rice is being cultivated with Cow Dung and Urine only as Manure and Fertilizer. No Chemical Fertilizers or Pesticides are being used in the same.
For the first time in the history of mankind, 1008 Disciples of Acharya M.R.Rajesh and Veda Followers performed, irrespective of Caste Creed or Gender, AGNIHOTRA simultaneously at the YAGASALA of "KOZHIKODE SOMAYAGA 2014" at KARAPARAMBA(Calicut, Kerala, India) for purification of mother nature and to spread the message of the Yagam to the whole world on 19th January 2014 at 10 AM. These Veda Followers learned AGNIHOTRA under Acharya M.R.Rajesh in the classes for Learning Vedas being conducted by Kasyapa Veda Research Foundation for the past ten years. The 10th Batch of this class was inaugurated shortly on 29th Dec 2013.
Somayagam gained further momentum today when a ratha yatra started from Kanyakumari. The Radhas carry four Vedas along with a lamp, allows public to see the sacred texts. The Radha yatra was flagged off by spiritual leader Swami Sivanandagiri Maharaj soon after sunrise. The journey is scheduled to conclude at Kozhikode at teh Somayaga 2014 yaga Vedi.
With only ten days remaining before Somayagam, the organisers of the mega ritual organized its 'food for all' motto, harvested a share of the food grains they raised for a string of feasts scheduled.  Acharya M R Rajesh, head of the Kasyapa Veda Research Foundation (KVRF), led the harvest ritual. More than 100-plus volunteers and farmers at the sprawling paddy fields of Elanadu in Thrissur joined this ritual, where chants from Bhoosooktam of the Atharva Vedam reverberated in the expansive air in the morning.  Sopanam singer Njeralathu Harigovindan inaugurated the harvest in the lush-green village near Chelakkara.