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Rath Yathra

In connection with somayaga, for the first time two rath yathras will be conducted from different parts of south india. the main purpose is to create awareness regarding the benefits of the yaga. One rath will start from Uduppi and the other from Kanyakumari. Both will converge in Calicut at the same time. This journey will cover over 1200 villages and over 5000 ashrams. Along the way information regarding different aspects of the yaga will be disseminated among the people. Responsible local committees have already been entrusted the task of welcoming the yaga rath. If there is any well known temple committee of your area who is interested in participating in this venture you can contact the yaga raksha samithi.In connection with the rath yathra over 500 yaga saplings (Baniyan Tree) are to be planted.